HIV Testing for life…HIV testing for all tuberculosis patients

2007:  HIV Testing for life…HIV testing for all tuberculosis patients: An entry 

point for tuberculosis patients to access HIV prevention and care.

About the book:    (74 pages colorful with photos of ex-TB/HIV patients, pictures)

In 2005 WHO and the UNAIDS recommended HIV testing for every TB patient. Practically however, TB clinic staff were lack of HIV counseling skill while the HIV counselors were afraid of getting TB from the patients during providing HIV counseling.  For patients side, stigma and inability to cope with HIV discouraged TB patients to accept the HIV testing. In 2006 THRF developed this book based on the published literatures and the real case studies.

Part 1 : Research evidences supporting why HIV testing for all TB patients is needed and how HIV testing can lead to the interventions which can
reduce death due to HIV.

Part 2:  How TB clinic staff successfully convinced HIV testing for TB patients on voluntary basis? The nine case studies covering male, female, young
and .senior TB patients.

Annexes : TB and TB/HIV knowledge


The Ministry of Public Health reproduced and distributed the book countrywide.
In 2007 the World Health Organization supported the translation and printed the book in English..

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