Supporting poor patients

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Thank you for your interest to join the TB/HIV Research Foundation in Chiang Rai, Thailand.  We kindly invite you to contribute to people and family members affected by TB and TB/HIV by:

Supporting poor patients

Donation to “Center for Sharing” (in Thai –  “Soon Pan Nam Jai”)

Although TB treatment is free for Thai, many hill tribe minorities and the illegal migrants have difficulty to access TB service as they are not covered by the Thai health insurance. Even though Thai patients receive free TB treatment, majority of the patients are poor. Many of them cannot afford travelling cost.  Some children have to leave the school because their parents had serious illness.

THRF put our efforts to support poor patients to complete their treatment. Not only the patients, but also we support patients living with small children to have their children screen for TB. We cannot accept mothers to died of TB and leave their children orphaned. We want all patients with TB cured.