Knowledge…Hope…Strength for Curing TB and TB/HIV

2010 Video: Knowledge…Hope…Strength for Curing TB and TB/HIV

About the video:  This video is made for people with TB as well as for those suffering from the TB with HIV co-infection (TB/HIV) and their family members. This video aims to enhance TB treatment adherence by improving knowledge about TB, reducing self-stigma and strengthening patient’s will power to cope with TB and TB/HIV.

The actors of this video are the ex-TB, TB/HIV patients, health care workers, volunteer and religious leaders in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Respectively, the twenty-eight minute video includes:

  • Part 1: TB knowledge.
  • Part 2: Empowering patients by sharing the stories of the ex-TB and ex-TB/HIV patients. Stories of the elderly, adolescent,  hilltribe minorities, a homeless man and a woman and man living with HIV who almost died but successfully overcame their TB despite their complicated physical and psycho-social situation
  • Part 3:  Building hope and will-power. Blessings and kind words to support patients from a Buddhist monk, a Christian priest and an Islamic Imam. Listen and sing a famous Thai song “The Will Power”.

(available in Thai only) Click here to download English script